I remember about a year or two ago when I craved for more photography jobs and to be a second shooter for weddings. I dreamt about it, talked about it, hoped for it, emailed wedding photographers and imagined how fantastic it would be. Then, it all started happening and I quickly realized while it is my dream that working a full time job as well as every day on the weekend was not as easy as it was in my dreams. Do not get me wrong, I love each job and would be sad without them. I just didn’t realize through all the dreaming and hoping that my time, personal time, time on the couch with my love, time to work out would be trimmed down quite a bit (dreams and movies never show you how it really is..pesh..Hollywood. I blame you).

It is a blessing that I am beyond grateful for. BEYOND grateful for.


It is also a change. So, of course, there are adjustments. That’s life, right? (cue Frank Sinatra or my more favorite SMASH version of “That’s Life”)


While I can handle the shoots and the editing, I have a hard time keeping up with sharing my work.


So since we have already established that I am a terrible blogger, here are a few samples of what I have been up to lately.


PLEASE keep referring me to friends. I love the work. Absolutely love it and the high I feel each time I am shooting. It is just change. And whether it is a baby, a wedding, a new year, a new house or a new part time job that you have always dreamt of, it is still change. And let’s face it. Change is… well change.