Spencer and his older sister/my best friend, Lindsey (I fondly refer to her as Gucci due to freshman year and her last name), and I went on an adventure back in January to take the perfect senior photos. Spencer and Lindsey are fun siblings to be around.


They are 10 years a part in age and they think they are so different than each other, when really they are pretty similar. The only thing that separates them is age and growth and Lindsey looking after him like any big sister would. They are both artist loving souls with a carefree attitude (sometimes Spencer is more than Gucc, but then again he is a teenager…)


We explored Oklahoma City and had the best time. I threw a camera on Gucci for her to explore her photography eye. Here are a few favorites. I chose to share more of the artsy photos than the cheesy “smile and look this way”. I felt that it would showcase Spencer more this way.