Meet Stella. Stella is at the age where she is testing boundaries. She doesn’t like to wear bows in her hair and sometimes she doesn’t like pigtails in her hair. Sitting still is not something she is interested in. Stella is learning English and French (super impressed and jealous!). Stella’s parents went on a super fun adventure a few years ago and moved to where her dad grew up – France. They worked there for a few years and then had Stella. Did I mention that she has duel citizenship? Again, I am jealous of a 1 year old.


Since Stella did not want to take photos, we played. It may have seemed chaotic in the moment (when is chasing a one year around not chaotic?) but the finished product told the story perfectly. She is a happy, free spirited kiddo who just loves playing her sweet parents.

It was nice meeting you, Stella! Hope to see you again soon!