Oh man y’all, Rebecca was such a doll. She was so fun to photograph but I have to credit her parents  for our successful shoot.


Since they know their daughter is shy and has a hard time warming up to new people, they talked about me the whole way to the shoot and “reminded” Rebecca that she knew me and has met me before. How brilliant! I can only imagine what they said in the car…. maybe it was  “Remember your birthday party? She gave you the horesy.” or maybe it was “She used to babysit you. You love Lori!” Well whatever they said, it worked like a charm and I will totally recommend all parents of shy kiddos do this before our shoot!


Rebecca really enjoyed the red chair I brought and had a hard time not sitting in it. So we just moved it where she needed to go. We also started to lose her attention once we went to the field of flowers, so Frozen came on Spotify. I now know many of the songs from Frozen by heart and they get stuck in my head after every shoot (My fiancé, Wes, loves hearing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”)


After all the prep, chair moving and Frozen singing, I think we knocked this shoot out of the park! It was a team effort!