I love photographing my friends. I can’t say it enough. It’s so fun to look through my camera and see people that I love and who love me unconditionally through the lens. Seeing your friends forming a family is also so cool.


Little Caroline wanted to run and explore and be near her granddad over sitting still and taking photos – pretty typical for a one year old. We bribed her with puffs and toys and anything possible. (Thank God for puffs!)


One of my favorite photos from our shoot is the the one of Caroline and her granddad with the Christmas tree on his head. I love how dads and granddads will do just about anything for a kiddo to smile. Moms will too, but it’s funnier to watch a man wearing a christmas tree on his head. It shows the soft side of them, right?


What a beautiful family!


I hope you enjoy looking through the Shao’s family photos.