I grew up in an older home in Preston Hollow before Preston Hollow became the mcmansion neighborhood that it is today. My parents house is on a short little block where there are no curbs that line the road but instead there are old trees that create a canopy over most of the street. Back when I was a kid there were old country style ranch homes next to cute cottages. I remember white picket fences, croquet parties at our english neighbor’s house and most of all I remember all the kids that grew up with me on our block (Some how I was the youngest of all the said neighbor kids #youngestchildproblems)


Our next door neighbors had gorgeous tall trees and peonies that would bloom every year. Silas was my older sisters age and he grew up in that house with his grandparents, Leo and Polly, and his dad. Polly was excellent at gardening. Her peonies were the envy of the block. Silas would come over and play a lot with my brother and he was a very big part of our neighborhood kid group. At some point after he graduated from high school, his grandparents health declined so they moved out and sold the house. Sadly, the house and one of gorgeous trees were torn down to build a large three story house.


When Silas emailed me wanting to set up a photo session with his family, I was thrilled. I love seeing people I grew up with as adults. He told me his wife and him would like photos of their son, Leo. Words are totally failing me at how nostalgic I felt when I heard he named his kiddo after his grandfather. I became a kid all over again.


It was so fun to see Silas as an adult and to meet his sweet family. We quickly started reminiscing about growing up on our street with stories of go karts and video games and summer days in the front yard. It was wonderful to be transported back to those lovely days.

Leo was such a cute kiddo. I am sure his namesake would have loved meeting him. Leo wanted nothing to do with sitting still so we let him crawl all over creation for most of his photos.


It was such an honor to take this sweet family’s photos.