Lyla and Boone are the cutest and coolest names ever. It sounds like a book title  – “The Adventures of Lyla and Boone” or a band name Lyla & Boone – I can already see their logo.

One of my goals as a photographer is not only to help families see how beautiful they are but to also capture real honest moments that are special to the family. While I love looking at our family portraits from childhood I really love the photos where I am wearing snow boots in the summer or my hair is an absolute mess. I  love those images so much because they show my personality and my uniqueness. So I strive to capture those moments for each of my families. Boone did not want to sit in that chair with Lyla so we tried and tried but had little success. The image of him almost laying down in the chair was one of my favorites and one of his mom’s favorites too. It was just so Boone. To the viewer they may not think it is a framer but if he were my kid I would print it as an 8 by 10 and hang it in the living room.