Do you ever sit there and day dream about an idea and think of all the ways of how great it will be? I certainly do. Every now and then I’ll think of a photo I want to take and I’ll start imagining the perfect light, outfit, expression, props, location, even the right amount of wind. Then I get to the shoot that I tried so hard to plan out perfectly and I remind myself that “life does not always turn out the way you plan”. So true. This quote is said by Sandra Bullock at the beginning of While You Were Sleeping (great movie that everyone should see and probably own!) and it has stuck with me.

The best part about this quote is her dad was the one who said it to her and as she was telling the audience the quote, she followed it up with “I just didn’t realized at the time he was talking about my life.” Even more true.

So back to my daydream – I imagined this cute rustic boys only camp out styled shoot and figured I would try it on my nephew. I imagined a raccoon skin cap like Davy Crockett, a manly vest and maybe wood to look like a fire. And a really cool forest look. And the perfect golden hour light. Very minimal wind.

I had everything all ready, a location in mind, the vest in hand, the set up in my car…buuutttt then we had a time crunch and a 3 year old that didn’t want to deal with driving to a forest nor did he want to wear his manly camp out man vest. Nor did he really want to take any photos.

But even though kids are unpredictable and time sometimes is not on our side, my cute nephew still posed for me in my boys only camp out and I got some sweet photos of him.

Side note – You can totally see my parent’s house in the background but it reminds me of the times my dad would set up the actual tent in the backyard and we’d “camp out”…in between the swings and the pool.

All that to say, if you are interested in scheduling a time with me to shoot a boys only camp out, let me know. I would love to take your photos!