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What should we wear?

That is such a great yet hard question. I prefer for you to wear your favorite outfit. You know that one that you feel extra great in and wish you have 5 more in other colors? Usually when you feel great, you look even better. In saying that I realize sometimes our favorites do not all coordinate so here are a few tips-

  • Find colors that compliment each family member's colors.
  • Stay away from small stripes (they "move" in digital images) and neon colors (they reflect on your skin tons)
  • Avoid clothing with logos or words and phrases
  • White sometimes washes people with fair skin tones out and black is just pretty flat.


Where should we take our photos?

I feel like most people have a look or vibe they are attracted too. Maybe you've seen some photos of on instagram that you thought  "man I want something just like that".  Or maybe you like to do the same place every time you get photos done. Either way I am happy to help. We could shoot at your home or a manicured park or a field or somewhere with architecture? You tell me what fits you best. My favorite spots include Prather/Davis Park, Lakeside Park, White Rock Lake and the AT&T Performing Arts Center, but Dallas has SO many options so let me know what you were envisioning. If you want to shoot at a studio I typically use the Lumen Room which is an extra $75 fee.


When will I receive my photos?

I will get your images to you 2-3 week after our session on an online gallery. I do my best to have a quick turn around but I also have other sessions and personal time that makes my turn around take that long. If you are in a rush, I do offer "rush edits" for $150 - your photos will be edited and back to you within 48-72 hours. You can request rush edits at our shoot or a few days after our shoot.


What are your sessions like?

I am a pretty laid back person. I realize that some people need lots of direction while others just like to go with the flow. When we meet up, we will do photos at a few different spots at our chosen location and I will do a mix of poses. We will do some photos looking at the camera, some posed candids, some shots where we move - walking, talking, hugging, etc. We will also get a variety of who is in the shot - mom and kids, dad and kids, kids only, each kid individually, the whole family and so on. I try to pick up on your vibe and then we just go from there. I may give you some outtakes and some less than perfect photos as I would rather you get a giggle over them and have options rather than those images never see the light of day (also maybe those images will end up in your kid's wedding video or yearbook page - who knows!). Some photos may even be slightly out of focus if that is the only image where your kid is looking and smiling.

Overall, my hope is you come with low anxiety and have fun. I get that photo day is A LOT - getting everyone dressed and ready and happy and there on time is so much pressure and work. I have found that if you are anxious about our session and try to make it perfect, your kids will pick up on it and will be a little stressed/act out. I will try to make your kids (and everyone) laugh (sometimes I say really silly things like "is there a booger on my camera?" or I will make monkey/dog/cat/silly nosies). I do every and anything I can to bring out everyone's silly and happy side. Seriously, I look like a fool at the end of it all - it will be fun, I promise!


How do I book a session with you?

Send me an email and we will can chat about dates. A $100 deposit will be request at the time of booking to reserve your time. Your deposit will go toward your total bill and is non refundable.


How many images will I receive and can I share on social media?

You will receive about 100-200 images from our session and yes, you can share on any social media platform. I do ask that you credit my image by either tagging me or just writing "photo by Lori Wilson Photography". You also can print your images wherever you like.


How does payment work?

I will send you an invoice before our session. You can pay via venmo or PayPal or you can bring cash or a check made out to Lori Wilson Photography. Please note that sales tax will be added to your total.


Other details

I may use your photos on my website, blog or on social media to promote Lori Wilson Photography. If you would prefer that I not use your photos on any of the methods mentioned above please let me know.



A quick note -

Life is not perfect and neither are photo sessions. From my time as a photographer I have learned that kids will always throw tantrums, photos are usually not a husbands ideal thing to do and sometimes your hair will get crazy from the wind or your kid will spill something or have snot on their face or they just won't smile. But you know what? That is ok. Amidst the crazy, come some beautiful moments. I expect chaos, and blank stares from 1 year olds, and kids having a hard time sitting still. I always say come with a plan, but be ok if that plan does not happen. I will capture whatever crazy comes at us that day and I bet it will be beautiful - even if you are sweating and nervous and feel like a circus.  Also please do not use photo day to enforce a lot of rules and please do not take away or punish your kid as it will always makes them cry or pout and it's hard to start smiling after getting in trouble. Rewarding good behavior is always a great route. If your kid likes skittles, bring a little bag and we can give them a skittle for every good pose (as long as they won't drool and get it all over their face). Have a reward at the end of the shoot - like lunch/dinner at your favorite pizza place is always a wonderful thing to work toward - for both your kids and your husband. (Have I mentioned my husband hates having his photo taken?) All in all, plan to have some fun and laugh about how silly I look with leaves on my head while I bark like a dog and play peek-a-boo with your kids. It will be great. I can't wait!


LWP Pricing

Portrait Session | $450

  • one hour portrait session at an agreed upon location
  • images with edits and reprint release
  • online gallery

*a deposit of $100 that will go toward your total is required to book. this deposit is non refundable but transferable if you need to reschedule.


Large Family Portrait Session | $550

  • for three generations
  • one hour portrait session at an agreed upon location
  • images with edits and reprint release
  • online gallery

*a deposit of $100 that will go toward your total is required to book. this deposit is non refundable but transferable if you need to reschedule.


A la cart menu


  • 8 by 8 lay flat album - 10 pages | $550
  • 10 by 10 lay flat album - 10 pages | $750
  • 12 by 12 lay flat album - 10 pages | $950


Other fun products

  • USB of images | $15
  • oval metal holiday ornament | $35
  • 5 by 7 wood box  with feature image on cover and 50 prints inside | $250 


Canvas Prints with 1.5 inch wrap 

  • 8 by 10 | $90
  • 11 by 14 | $105
  • 12 by 24 | $130
  • 16 by 20 | $135
  • 20 by 30 | $175
  • 24 by 36 | $195


Extra edits are $50 per image.


Portrait Canvas Prints, Matte Prints, and Metal Prints pricing are available upon request.


*all sessions and products will have 8.25% sales tax added on to their base price

**travel fee outside of Dallas city limits is not included

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