I am a little behind on blogging so these photos do not reflect how much Connor has grown in Lauren’s tummy. I went to school with Lauren and Greg and it has been so fun to continue our friendship post grad. Lauren always has the best one liners and I have enjoyed becoming adults together after Oklahoma State. Greg’s mom and my mom were Pi Phi’s together and apparently we used to get their Christmas card photos growing up (fun fact of the day!). So when I told my mom I was taking their maternity photos, she was more than thrilled.


I just loved taking their photos. I literally squealed all through out the shoot. We shot these at White Rock Lake in Dallas, and what you don’t know is that there were cars, cyclists and runners all around us. At first glance it looks like we are far aways from city life, yet we are still in the heart of it.


Congrats Lauren and Greg. I am so thrilled for you two!