I love taking photos of kids. By far, photographing kids is my favorite photography subject. Why you may ask? Because they are so real. They look into the camera and aren’t worried about their hair or how they look. They haven’t realized how cruel the world can be yet. They are still so innocent. My big sister just had a baby six months ago and while I used to hate looking at facebook posts of babies and kids, I now text her all the time for more photos of Lincoln. I have become one of the facebook posters that  I used to unfriend when I saw them rubbing their cute kid into my news feed.


One thing I have learned from taking photos of Lincoln is that taking photos of a baby is a big test. The learning curve can be steap and isn’t for the weak. Here are a few lessons from my nephew, Lincoln.


Lincoln’s lesson number one:


Patience my dear.


From his newborn photos to his every day, he is constantly moving and shaking.


If I don’t/didn’t have patience, I will never get a shot like this (which I love!).

Lincoln’s Lesson number two:

Persistence. Persistence. Persistence.

It is never enough to take just one photo. You must take many. A photographer told me once, if you aren’t taking a bad photo, then you aren’t taking enough.


Lincoln’s Lesson Number Three:

Babies learn through touch. So, be prepared for little hands…

“Aunt Lori, I want to touch the thing in your hands. NOW!”


“Now I am distracted.”


Lincoln’s Lesson Number Four:

Take a LOT of photos.

Since babies can’t talk, they express. When I talk, my expression changes 20 times in a minute, so naturally my blood relative does the same.

Oh, the many faces of Lincoln.


So I keep clicking till I know I have the photo that I want.


Lincoln’s Lesson Number Five:

You have to be willing to make some crazy noise and be very interesting for babies to pay attention to you the entire time. Also take a good team that can also get the baby’s attention.


Lincoln’s Lesson Number Six:

Be prepared for fits.


 Thanks for being a great teacher Lincoln!