I am a bad blogger. No doubt about it. I used to love to post to my blog (lowils.wordpress.com) and I was so excited to start a web site a year ago because I wanted to have a really cool blog. Aaaaannnnddddd I think I have blogged like 8 times. Obviously I didn’t stick to it. I am so mad that the older you get the fast time speeds by and the longer your to do list gets. I totally take back all the naps I didn’t take in kindergarden and all the afternoons in college when I was bored. I just want 2 more hours in the day. A 26 hour day sounds so much more attractive to me.


Since I am so terrible I invite you to follow me at facebook.com/loriwilsonphotography I actually post pics there. I think it is because it is so easy to post from my phone (Note to self: figure out if I can blog from my phone).


Here are a few favorite photos to share so that you can catch up on my MIA status.