I just love this family of three. Ashley is a dear friend from college (my Pi Phi big – ring ching) and conveniently enough Jordan and Wes (my fiancé) have a little man crush on each other.


Ashley is a very happy person and her happiness is infectious. I love being around her because she is constantly laughing and just enjoying life. And I have to say I think Jordan is also an extremely happy person. He is always making Ashley laugh so they are a perfect pair.


Otis, their dog, is kind of not a happy dog. Well I take that back, I am sure he’s happy but he kind of has an attitude. Which I really love about Otis. He has sass.


Here are their family photos for their Christmas card photo. They selected the first photo in the blog for their card but they later told me that they really just wanted to put a bunch of photos of Otis on it. Oh how I love them.